Winter Hours: Nov. 27th - Feb. 28th
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday

During inclement weather in January & February call ahead for hours

Attn Landscapers/Nurseries/Garden Centers etc.: Just wanted to give everyone a heads up when the night temps are in the low 30s to high 20s for multiple nights in a row we will begin getting all our 3gal and 7gal material covered that is not already in greenhouses. With that being said all orders of some size to them will need to be called in or you will have a significant wait time. It takes up way to much man power and payroll to cover and uncover plants daily so 3 hour pull times should be expected.
Depending on the weather this may be the case through late February to early March. 
Thanks so much for your understanding!! Trying to make life easier for you and us both. Stay warm!

Spring 2018 update: Unfortunately mother nature did not spare any warmth over our plants during the extreme continued freezing temps in January. We double covered what we could and greenhoused everything else but there was still damage that we will probably not know whether it is salvageable until late spring.With that being said our spring selection maybe very limited well into the summer. Thanks for your understanding and continued business!

Fire Witch Dianthus 1galMexican Feather Grass 1galDwarf Cassian Grass 3galAdagio Grass 3galPink Muhly Grass 3galLittle Bunny Grass #2Loropetalums 3galPurple Beauty Berry Bush 3galSwift Creek Privett 3galVariegated Parsoni Juniper 3galFrost Proof Gardenia 7galVintage Gold Chamaecyparis 3galNoble Grape Vine 3galPowder Blue Blueberry 3galCrippsii Chamaecyparis 3galVariegated Liriope 1galWindmill Palm 5galAugust Beauty Gardenia 5galGold Mop Chamaecyparis 3galPhantom Hydrangea 3gal white summer bloomsVariegated Boxwood 3galHosta 3galVinca Minor Traditional 1galEnglish Ivy 1galAcorus Ogon 1galGold Dust Aucuba 3galGlobosa Nana Cryptomeria 3galDuke Gardens Yew 3galCast Iron Plant 3galFirepower Nandina 3galSoft Caress Mahonia 3galHeavenly Bamboo Nandina 5galVariegated Upright Juniper 15galZhu-Zhou Loropetalum 10galTree Form Burfordi Holly 15gal3-Ball Boxwood Topiaries 15galGreen Giant Thuja 15galDeodar Cedar 15galSpartan Juniper 15galLittle Gem Magnolia 15galNeedle Point Holly 15galJane Magnolia (tulip magnolia) purple spring bloom 7galCompacta Holly 7galKV Purple Leaf Plum 25galWeeping Willow 15galDura Heat River Birch 3stem 15galMuskogee Crape Myrtle 15gal Light lavendar summer bloomWax Myrtle 15galTree Form Dwarf Burfordii Hollys 15gal (2nd row plant in middle is tree form recurve ligustrum)Cleyera Japonica 7galFragrant Tea Olive 7galRuby Loropetalum 7galZhu-Zhou Loropetalum 7galDegroot thuja 7galSteeds Holly 7galDwarf Yaupon Holly 7galCarissa Holly 7galNatchez Crape Mrytle 15gal white summer bloomGreen Giant thuja 7galBlue Point Juniper 7galCarolina Sapphire 15galYellow Ribbon Thuja 15galLLoblolly Pine #15Weeping Blue Atlas #15Radican Cryptomeria 15galForest Pansy Redbud 15gal