Next Saturday Open is April 20th from 8am-1pm
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
Saturday Closed*
Sunday Closed
(No loading large orders during lunch hours 12-1)

*Spring Saturday Hours:
Open the 3rd Saturday Of The Month
Open March 16th, April 20th & May 18th 
from 8am-1pm
Closed All Sundays

During the winter months if the temperatures reach below freezing consecutive nights in a row our plants will be covered. Please allow ample time for us to pull large orders.

Fire Witch Dianthus 1gal
Mexican Feather Grass 1gal
Dwarf Cassian Grass 3gal
Adagio Grass 3gal
Pink Muhly Grass 3gal
Little Bunny Grass #2
Loropetalums 3gal
Purple Beauty Berry Bush 3gal
Swift Creek Privett 3gal
Variegated Parsoni Juniper 3gal
Frost Proof Gardenia 7gal
Vintage Gold Chamaecyparis 3gal
Powder Blue Blueberry 3gal
Crippsii Chamaecyparis 3gal
Variegated Liriope 1gal
August Beauty Gardenia 5gal
Gold Mop Chamaecyparis 3gal
Phantom Hydrangea 3gal white summer blooms
Variegated Boxwood 3gal
Hosta 3gal
Acorus Ogon 1gal
Gold Dust Aucuba 3gal
Globosa Nana Cryptomeria 3gal
Duke Gardens Yew 3gal
Cast Iron Plant 3gal
Firepower Nandina 3gal
Soft Caress Mahonia 3gal
Green Giant Thuja 15gal
Deodar Cedar 15gal
Spartan Juniper 15gal
Little Gem Magnolia 15gal
Jane Magnolia (tulip magnolia) purple spring bloom 7gal
Compacta Holly 7gal
Weeping Willow 15gal
Dura Heat River Birch 3stem 15gal
Muskogee Crape Myrtle 15gal Light lavendar summer bloom
Cleyera Japonica 7gal
Fragrant Tea Olive 7gal
Degroot thuja 7gal
Steeds Holly 7gal
Dwarf Yaupon Holly 7gal
Carissa Holly 7gal
Green Giant thuja 7gal
Blue Point Juniper 7gal
Loblolly Pine #15
Carolina Sapphire 15gal
Weeping Blue Atlas #15
Radican Cryptomeria 15gal
Forest Pansy Redbud 15gal
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*Photos from previous summer. 
Most recent photos are on our Facebook page*